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Hubert Cabin has been built for the manorial hunter in the middle of woods as a part of Castle Helfstyn-manor for the purpose of better supervising the forest farming more than 250 years ago. 


The initial building was ground with a saddle roof, made of stone, there was one living room with the stove, another room was run as a sty and, finally, there was a hall and beneath it a small cellar with a fountain. 

The cabin was being protected against the total collapse in different ways during the last century.

 The big renovation was done in the eightieth of the last century, the meeting room, boiler-room and storeroom were built. Company celebrations and offsite meetings were being held in the cabin in the consequent era when the national holding Lesy, s.r.o. operated as the its owner.


Later on, Hubert cabin was being used for organizing different hunting and cultural events. The face of the building was being decorated by the paint of saint Hubert created on a tinny base, which has been stolen before 1990.

After 1990, the cabin became an ownership of a private company and consequently was hired to a hunting association on a long-term basis.

During spring 2013, it has been bought by the new owner and it went through a massive reconstruction until April 2014 to get the actual look. 

Newly and again, the front of the cottage is decorated by the relief of St Hubert whittled from lime wood at the carver school in Tovacov.